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Cheer Hacks to Up Your Competition!

Updated: Apr 15

Cheerleaders are known for their aerial tricks, but they can use several other tips and tricks to help throughout the competition season. Whether you're new to cheer competitions or you’re a seasoned cheer family, here are the top uniform cheer hacks to have the best cheer season ever.

Cheer Uniforms

Wrinkled uniform and no way to iron it? Take it into the bathroom! Shut the door and run water as hot as you can to create steam. Leave the uniform in the bathroom for several minutes until the wrinkles disappear.

Deodorant streaks? Rub a nylon sock or a dryer sheet over the streak to remove it. Hand sanitizer is another great hack for removing other stains from uniforms.

Finally, cheer clothes look newer longer if you wash and dry them inside out.

Cheer Shoes

Lots of hours of cheer practice can lead to dirty and smelly cheer shoes. Keep cheer shoes smelling fresh by placing dryer sheets into them overnight. Magic erasers are also a great way to clean dirty cheer shoes.

Struggling with loose-fitting cheer shoes? It turns out hairspray isn’t just for your hair. Use hairspray on your laces, before and after you tie them, to keep them in place. Additionally, you can practice tying your cheer shoes using the Heel Lock lacing method, also called the Runner’s Loop or Runner’s Tie.

Cheer Bows

Fly away hair? If you need to use hairspray after putting in your cheer bow, put a disposable shower cap over the bow to protect it.

Suppose you need to clean your cheer bow use a baby wipe. The wipes are gentle and won’t loosen any gems or fabric.

Finally, small bobby pins work better than large ones for helping to keep your cheer bow in place.

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Key Takeaways

  • Top uniform cheer hacks to have the best cheer season ever.

  • Dryer sheets and nylon socks remove deodorant stains on cheer uniforms.

  • Hairspray helps with loose laces on cheer shoes.

  • Baby wipes are a gentle way to clean cheer bows.

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