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  • How long do orders take?
    LEAD TIMES: (approximate. once ready for production) (NOTE) lead times do NOT account for the art process and waiting for your order and paying invoice. Typical delivery time is calculated AFTER art is approved and order is PAID. Please allow proper time for art process, sizing athletes, invoice/payment, etc. Lead times are always approximate. SCREEN PRINTING Approx 2 weeks for delivery to central and eastern USA. Add a few days for west coast clients. Plan on 3 weeks for overseas deliveries. SUBLIMATED APPAREL Approx 3-5 weeks for sublimated athletic apparel (practice wear, backpacks, etc) Other items may have different lead times. As well current workload may effect lead times. We have a more specific breakdown in our rate sheet.
  • How do i get started on a custom apparel order?
    Simple! If you are ready to proceed on a project, simply fill out our online Design Request Form at the following link: DESIGN REQUEST FORM This form asks for basic contact info and a few basic questions about the design/artwork you have in mind. Please dont forget to upload a design from our portfolio or elsewhere that you like as a general style. This is VERY important! Any and all details you can provide to help guide us in the right direction are extremely helpful and will minimize back-n-forth wasted time. Also check out our general overview of processes HERE
  • How long does custom art take?
    SO... please pay close attention, as there is no definitive answer here. An initial art mockup usually takes approx 2-4 days once art deposit paid (depending on how busy we are). Please make sure the Design Request Form is complete and accurate. The rest of the process, depends on how many revisions a client wants, AND also how timely you respond to our emails with feedback about the artwork. Every day that goes by with no response, is one day of production lost. PLEASE respond quickly and advise if any revisions and changes to your artwork are needed :)
  • Do i have to pay any deposits?
    YES. We have 2 possible deposits, artwork and for sizers (fit-kits). While we recognize some other larger companies do not charge for artwork, we as a smaller business do not have that luxury. And most if not all of the art fee goes directly to our artists. We have very talented artists so we pay them fairly. You will also see, as an upside, we are NOT copying others, rehashing same design over and over, etc. We do unique, creative custom art for each client and project! That takes more time, and great talent to do it well. Therefore the art fee is required, but you get a unique custom design just for you, that is at the top of the industry for creatively unique apparel design!
  • When is the latest date possible for me to submit my order sizes and payment?
    That depends on your requested delivery date (if approved). To put it simply, we need art approved, your complete order, and payment (in full): At least 2 weeks prior for screen print orders (unless paying for rush svc and shipping). At least 4-5 weeks prior for most sublimated apparel orders (unless paying for rush svc and shipping). For rush orders faster than this, please inquire ASAP with your requested date for approval. Not all rush orders can be approved. Factors like current work-load will affect approval.
  • Can I add on to my order AFTER I have submitted it? Is there a fee attached to this?
    Possibly. As long as the order is not too far in the production pipeline, you might be able to add on. Inquire for approval. There is typically no fee for adding to order, unless we need to rush in your supplies. Then there might be additional shipping charges to get new stock rushed in.
  • Can I change my delivery address after production has started?
    Yes, as long as order has not shipped yet. Please advise ASAP! We will typically use whatever address we have on file for you, or the address you submitted in your DRF (desgin request form).
  • Whats the difference between Screen-Print Apparel and Sublimated Apparel?
    Simply put, SCREEN PRINT apparel is typically what you see for most tshirts, and can be done on pre-made cotton, poly, and cotton-poly blended garments. Ink is mashed through a screen (hence the screen fees) onto the garment. Screen print has its limitations and is typically priced based on amount ordered, and can only be done in limited areas of the garment, and only up to a certain size. See reference below: SUBLIMATED APPAREL (at least for us), is made from scratch. We are able to design on the ENTIRE garment, and colors will not fade, but PLEASE NOTE: because sublimation is done on white fabric, if the fabric is stretched hard enough, the colors may appear to fade, because more of the ribbing of the fabric is opened up. Dye sublimation does not penetrate the entire garment like pre-dyed (or yarn-dyed) fabric. Sublimation printing is the printing of choice though for small run and custom designed apparel. See reference below:
  • What are the minimums for orders & re-orders, Screen Print & Sublimated?
    SCREEN PRINT: 24 pcs min main order, 12 pcs for re-order, but rates are much higher for under 24 pcs (plus you still have to pay the screen fees again). SUBLIMATED: 20 pcs min main order, no minimum on re-orders, but shipping will be charged at full price, which will be $60 minimum as we are importing apparel. We do have other miscellaneous items that may have different minimums. Inquire as needed.
  • Can I put the same design as my t-shirt on sublimated apparel...Will I be charged for art again?
    Yes, you may use same art from tshirt for other items, BUT, because each print medium (and garment) is different, the art needs to be re-worked to acommodate each print method, and the fit/style of each garment. Hence more artist time for revising, new mockups, and more file prep... so approprioate fees will be charged.
  • What kind of embellishment options do you have available for both Screen Print and Sublimated Apparel?
    SCREEN-PRINT: rhinestones, metallic shimmer ink (gold and silver), crytalina (a sparkly transluscent coating we can lay over top any ink color), glow-in-the-dark ink treatment. Please inquire if somthing else is needed. SUBLIMATED APPAREL: we have all the common items: rhinestones, sequins, hot-fix glitter and foils. We also offer hot-fix studs, nail-heads, and more. Please inquire if somthing else is needed.
  • What is the cost for Custom Names on any type of apparel?
    Typically +$5 per item. For screen printed apparel, we can offer nylon names heat-pressed to shirt.
  • When is your expected date/season that you will have your new uniform line available?
    We are excitedly looking to launch a completely new line of apparel (including a basic uniform capsule) as we go through 2023-24. We are looking to launch the first part of our new line (core basics practice wear) January 2023, and the Uniform basics approx 2024. Once we get our new foundational core items redone, all rebuilt from scratch by our new fashion designers, we will be working to add more unique options, variations, and styles. This is an exciting rebuild year for us!
  • Do you have a testimonial section I can write in?
    Yes, if the testimonial board is activated on our site you may POST IT HERE. Check the menu at top of page. Or you may email it to us and we will post it to our site and/or other outlets.
  • Where can I post pictures of my athletes in your apparel?
    We would love to have pics of your team or athletes wearing our apparel! You can email them to us, but you may also post to your various social media and tag us.
  • Is there a direct line and live person I can talk to about an order?
    YES! You can call our office mgr at 904-438-5195. If she does not answer please leave a msg and she will return your call ASAP, or you may also email her at or email your project manager.
  • Do you have a payment plan or take partial payments for the final order?
    So for most orders, we do require payment in full upfront once you get your final invoice. That said, if you are ordering SUBLIMATED practice wear apparel, we will allow a 50% deposit to get the order to production. But you will be required to pay off the order in full BEFORE it ships. This will help clients get orders to production who may be waiting on parents to pay for thier kids orders! Just be aware, regardless if those parents pay or not, we will require invoice to be paid off in full before we ship the order, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • How long can I keep Sizers (Fit-Kits) and is there a penalty for late return?
    You have 1 week with the size kits. Once you schedule a fitting day with your team, advise us and we will have the kits to you a day or so prior. We charge a $250 refundable deposit for the fit-kits. If kits are not mailed back on time, the deposit will be forfeited. Due to the high demand of fit-kits, we must keep rentals on a tight schedule. Thank you for your help in returning the kits in a timely manner :)
  • Do you offer apparel items for family members?
    YES! We can make apparel for anyone needed... atheltes, coaches and staff, parents, etc. Please inquire with details of your request and we can quote as needed.
  • Can we get our desing on stickers, cups, car decals, key chains, etc?
    Yes, we can make items we dont necessarily advertise. We use many vendors for various miscellaneous requests. If you want something you dont see in our rate sheet, just ask, we may be able to get it done!
  • Do you offer dance shoes, jazz flats/shoes, or cheer shoes?
    While we do not offer traditional competitive dance or cheer shoes, we do now offer custom designed casual shoes. CLICK HERE for more info!
  • Do you offer pom-poms to go with the uniforms?
    We do not stock them in-house, but we could order them as part of your uniform package if needed.
  • Do you keep our Credit Card info on file?
    We do not store credit card data, unless you gave it to us with permission to store it. All of our invoices are sent with a built-in payment portal, via Quickbooks, for you to use a credit or debit card, as well as your bank account info (ACH/e-check payment).
  • How long, if needed, will a refund take?
    Refunds, once processed, typically take 3-5 business days to process back to your account.
  • What qualifies for a refund?
    For ART, you only get a credit or refund if you order 100pcs or more (sublimated apparel) or 144 pcs minimum for screen print. If you decide to cancel your order. SIZE KIT deposits will be credited to final invoice, or refunded, once we receive the kits back in the appropriate time frame. APPAREL ORDERS: because custom apparel cannot be re-used or re-sold, these orders are non-refundable once we start production. If for some reason we made a mistake on your order, or there is a quality issue, we will remake the apparel items in question and resend to you. We may opt to give you a cash refund in some cases, not all, if it was our fault. We also do NOT refund orders due to a missed delivery date. There are too many circumstances out of our control to guarantee delivery dates. That said, we do make every attempt to meet a needed date if we committed to it. SHIPPING FEES: if we committed to a certain delivery date and you paid rush shipping fees, and the carrier misses the date, we will refund the rush portion of shipping fees (if charged).
  • Am I locked into an order after I pay for Art?
    No. But we do not credit back art fees, as we use those funds to pay our very talented artists a fair wage. And we will revise your artwork as needed until you are completely happy with it.
  • Can I give you art and you guys just print for us?
    Yes, we can use art supplied by you. That said, we do have very talented artists that could do a really unique custom design for you. But yes, we can print art supplied by client.
  • Do you offer art design only, so we can print with our own printer?"
    No. We are a brand that offers the full package, design and print. In some cases, like designing a gym logo, or a flyer, we will send you the master art file.
  • What is your order process?
    So we could get into a lot of detail here, but to keep it simple, here is a basic order of operations: You can inquire for rates/quote via email or fill out our Quick Quote Request HERE Fill out our online Design Request Form (to help us understand your art design needs. Once deposits are paid, we will start your art mockup(s) and we can schedule fittings with size-kits. Send us your order (sizes/qty) when ready and we will send invoice. Assuming art is all approved and order invoice paid, we will go to production. Once order is ready to ship we will send you the tracking # and information. THANKS FOR DOING BUSINESS WITH US!!!!!!
  • Can parents or individual athletes contact you directly to re-order single items from a previous order we placed?
    No. That gets VERY confusing dealing with too many different people, and too many small orders get hard to process. If a gym or team has a re-order request, try to collect as many as possible to make one order, then contact us with that order. That way we keep all communication with one or 2 people, and the gym is "in the know" as to what is going on.
  • Who should contact Prodigy for customer service issues?
    Only the authorized contact with the gym or person we sold the apparel to should reach out to use for any issues or concerns, quality issues, etc. Other parents and athletes should NOT contact us. This gets WAY TOO confusing. Any parents or athletes should direct any inquiries to the your gym or school, and have the owner or apparel ordering manager contact us to resolve any issues. If help is needed, and you are the correct authorized person, send an email to or call 904-438-5195 and we will help you!
  • Can I pay with PayPal, Apple Pay etc.?
    PayPal no. All payments can be made via credit/debit card, or bank acct (ACH/e-check) via the Quickbooks payment portal link we send with invoice. If Quickbooks accepts cards via Apple Pay, then yes.
  • Do you keep the artwork for future re-order, how long?
    We keep copies of master art files in your client folder indefinately. We can use that art for re-orders ANY time! :)
  • Do you offer non-custom apparel?
    Yes! We now have our new Swag Store, with a full array of unique pre-made designs on various apparel types and accessories. CLICK HERE to go to our new Swag Store.
  • Can i return an item from the Swag Store?
    No. But if there is a quality issue, we will replace your item with a new one. See our full return policy HERE
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