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  • Dyanna Jordan

**Cheer & Dance Championship Custom Screen Print Shirt**

Roll Call!!! ALL Dancers ... Gymnasts ... Cheerleaders and Cheerguys !!WOOT!! Check out what Prodigy Cheer Apparel has for y'all!!! Cheer shirts, Practice Wear, Warmups, Backpacks, Facemasks, Blankets in either Screen Print or Sublimated.

You want it ...We got it to print on! Only the most creative, unique, inspired and talented Custom Artists work for YOU! We can take any logo, with any combo of colors, designs or ideas you may have and WE can CREATE it!

And you have to add the *pazzaz* with a little *bedazzel* by adding Rhinestones , Studs, Sequins or Glitter to any item you order with us and SHINE like the Prodigy YOU ARE!!!

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